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We’ve bought a Hereford, well, all the edible parts at least and it’s time for you to order your cuts!

The animal was one of a herd of Hereford cows raised by Alison Davies at Happy Beef Farm near Frodsham, Cheshire. Davies has been farming since 2003 and the small herd is grass-fed in the traditional, natural way ensuring the beef is of the best quality and packed with carotenoids, vitamin E and essential minerals including potassium, iron and zinc

Jess Berry, produce sourcing manager at Food4MaccDirect explains ‘We’ve been in talks with Alison for a while now about getting some of her top quality beef. She recently contacted us to say the animal was going for slaughter and did we want to buy the resulting cuts and sell onto our foodie customers. YES was the resounding response!’

The Food4MaccDirect/Happy Beef Offer

  • All orders must be received and paid for in advance – deadline 2nd August
  • Beef will arrive into our Gilchrist Avenue Hub on 6th August and will be available for collection that evening or Friday morning
  • All fresh beef supplied vacuum packed
  • Burgers & minced beef will be supplied frozen
  • Full details and prices are available on the website: http://www.food4maccdirect.co.uk/beefHappy Beef.html

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Behind the Scenes at Reaseheath

We recently visited Reaseheath for a behind the scenes tour!

Laura and Elliott showed us round the Training and Testing facilities where our delicious cheeses, cream and ice-cream are all made.

We also saw the bakery, butchery and excitingly named Innovation Rooms used for experimenting and cake decoration. In the main food room, the milk (collected from their own dairy herd in three huge storage tanks) is tested then pasteurised at 72 degrees for 15 seconds. The cream is separated for butter, cheese and ice cream making.

Reaseheath has around 250 cows which produce 8,000 litres of milk a day!

The butter is churned and packed using their unusual sausage shaped machine which gives it the lovely, artisanal finished shape.
To make the cheese, homogeonised milk is cooled in large steel ‘baths’, rennet and a starter culture is added then after 6-8hrs it is checked for acidity, salt is added then it is slowly turned by hand to release the Whey. This looked like great fun and keeps the students hands really smooth! It is then pressed overnight to remove more liquid before being left to mature for anything up to 2 years!

Although their Farm Shop was shut when we visited, Reaseheath is planning to build a larger Farm Shop and Café run by the Business Studies students that will be open all year round. We didn’t go away empty handed though as Laura and Elliott gave us some mini ice-cream tubs to eat on the way home!

Thank you Laura and Elliott for a really great tour!

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